Czech Crystal, Garnet Stone, Souvenirs

What to buy in Czech Republic? Czech crystals, garnet stones or other kind of souvenirs – such as wooden marionettes and more… For your shopping in Prague, contact us via

1. Czech Crystal

The latest stage of all your travels is gifts which you will buy special and exclusive  items from that country. The most valuable Czech gift items that you can get from the Czech Republic are Bohemian handmade products, Garnet stones, Amber stones and many crystal products.

You can find all kinds of crystals in souvenir stores in Czech Republic.  For Czech women Czech crystals have a very important place and are found in almost every Czech women’s collection. They believe that these ornaments on silver and gold bring abundance.

cekturk-cek-hediyelik-taslari-granat-bohemya-kristali cekturk--cek-hediyelik-taslari-granat-bohemya--kristali


2. Czech Garnet Stones

cekturk-cek-hediyelik--taslari-granat--bohemya--kristaliThe first special product that you can get from Prague is ” Garnet Stones ” which is only found in the Prague area in the world.

The Czech garnet stone, which comes after diamonds and diamonds in hard stones, is a semi-precious natural stone. The color is dark red. It is also known as the blood stone among the people because it is blood color when you held it in the sun. Garnet should not be bigger than half of the rice grain because the larger size stones are not original. You should be careful for this.

If you want to buy products that are more economic for yourself and your loved ones, but still unique to the Czech Republic, you can also buy glass products, small flowers and vases for the Czech Republic also in souvenir shops.

Another special Czech Republic crystal is the Bohemian Crystal. If you want to buy a real Bohemian crystal, you can visit the most famous factory outlets in Prague and Karlovy Var

One of Prague’s most popular streets Parizska is Prague’s largest jewelry center. For your reservation to visit that shop, contact us via

cekturk-hediyelik-esya-taki-muzesi-cek--kristaleri-bohemya-granat  cekturk-hediyelik-esya-taki-muzesi-cek-kristaleri-bohemya-granat cekturk--cek-hediyelik--taslari-granat-bohemya--kristaliHere you can find many diamonds, gold, silver, pearl, many natural stone products, garnet jewelery with more than 2000 designs, many Czech crystal flavors, crystal hunts, gift items and boutique designs. Also you can also see the collection of natural stones that they collect from all around the world in this jewelry center and you can buy jewelry designs from these stones.

Please contact us to buy the Czech Republic’s crystals, stones and souvenirs in the safest way in Prague.

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