Health Insurance for Foreigners in the Czech Republic

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If you have a plan to come to the Czech Republic, you will need health insurance. This health insurance will help you a lot in an emergency moment. Also you will need it while applying to visa. offers you to choose and directly buy online the best health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with well-known Czech insurance companies and their insurances are widely accepted by foreigner police and consulate in the Czech Republic.

You can buy the one you want by clicking the links below.

Logo Uniqa Health Insurance Logo Slavia Health Insurance Logo Maxima Health Insurance
Uniqa – buy online Slavia – buy online Maxima – buy online

If you would like to learn more about insurance in the Czech Republic, you could read our Health Insurance for Foreigners Living in the Czech Republic blog post. If you have more questions about health Insurance for Foreigners living in the Czech Republic check our FAQ or do not hesitate to contact us on

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