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If you have a plan to come to the Czech Republic, you will need health insurance. Whether you arrive in the Czech Republic as a tourist, Erasmus student, or you are going to stay here temporarily or settle down here for good, you need a health insurance.  This health insurance will help you a lot in an emergency moment. offers you to choose and directly buy online the best health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with well-known Czech insurance companies and their insurances are widely accepted by foreigner police and consulate in the Czech Republic.

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Uniqa – buy online Slavia – buy online Maxima – buy online cooperates with proven insurance companies (Maxima, UNIQUA, Slavia) with reliable and professional medical insurances, but in any case pay a lot of attention to the reputation of insurance company and insurance limits which are defined in the contract.

UNIQA is the largest private insurance company in the Czech market that offers Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners. In addition, it is able to offer a uniquely broad coverage on the Czech market.

Slavia continues the tradition of one of the oldest and most important financial institutions, whose history dates back to 1868. The insurance company offers Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners and insurance necessary and urgent health care.

Maxima Insurance company offers two basic types of health insurance: Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners and insurance necessary and urgent care.

Comprehensive Medical Health Insurance

Comprehensive medical insurance is suitable for foreigners who intend to stay in the Czech Republic for 90 days or longer and require long-term visa or long-term stay, or request an extension of a visa or residence permit. This is, for example a case of Erasmus students who are not EU citizens.

Moreover, this insurance for foreigners is similar to public health insurance. Yet, it provides preventive and dispensary health care, including care in connection with pregnancy and childbirth. That’s why you should take comprehensive insurance. Accordingly, without proper comprehensive health insurance, one can neither obtain a long-term visa (temporary residency) nor a permanent residency permit.

Basic Medical Health Insurance

Basic medical insurance covers necessary treatment and hospitalization which you should not postponed at all health care facilities in the Czech Republic. Along with that, this insurance is recommended for individuals who do not fall under the public health system and plan only short-term stay in the Czech Republic. In addition, the insurance covers costs incurred as a result of an accident or sudden illness during the stay in the Czech Republic.  It includes any costs in the country that issued the travel document or to the country where the foreigner has legal residence. Minimal coverage must be EUR 60 000 excluding any financial contribution to the aforesaid costs on the part of the insured person.

On the other hand, As mentioned before comprehensive medical insurance is suitable for foreigners who intend to stay in the Czech Republic for 90 days or longer. You can arrange this required comprehensive health insurance for foreigners online as well.

For instance, remember that public general practitioners (first-instance doctors) have a contract with one or more of the insurance companies. Before purchasing an insurance, please check if the company has a contract with your local doctor to prevent future problems. For example, if you visit a doctor has a contract with a different insurance company ,not with the one you have contract , you will probably have to pay for the health care.

If you would like to learn more about insurance in the Czech Republic, you could read our Health Insurance for Foreigners Living in the Czech Republic blog post.

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