Prague Indie City Guide

Prague Indie City Guide

On we present you the Prague Indie City Guide, to provide the best tips on alternative stuff to do in Prague. Some would call it “hipster”, some “indie”, some “hip”… We leave it up to you to decide 🙂

What you will find in Prague Indie City Guide?

Best & up-to-date recommendations on alternative places to visit in Prague, organized in different sections below (arts, cafés, music scene, healthy eating and movie theatres… and we will be adding more sections as time goes by). When you are visiting a city, if you enjoy more non-touristy & alternative things, then this guide is the perfect fit for you!

Initial spoiler: You will LOVE Prague -in case you haven’t fallen in love already-, as the city is full of rather non-mainstream stuff to do. We think the key reason is the culture itself: Czech culture tends to be less superficial, and being intellectual actually is a ‘mainstream’ treat here. Another reason should be the situation the country was in during a big part of 20th century – which ‘helped’ growing the underground culture. And finally, its close proximity to Berlin, the alternative mecca of Germany – and maybe the universe?? 🙂 – should also be helping.

What you won’t find here?

You want to see touristic & mainstream stuff to do in Prague…? Then sorry, we can’t really help you here, but you can check our Locals Tips category on


Now, click on any of below sections & enjoy the ride!

Prague Indie City Guide Arts Prague Indie City Guide Cafés Prague Indie City Guide Music Scene Prague Indie City Guide Healthy Eating Prague Indie City Guide Movie Theatres


Other sources

Following are very good & professional resources in Prague:

  • goout (for listing of events in Prague – it covers 90% of things happening),
  • Prague Up&Coming (for a very comprehensive listing of events / places),
  • Prague Green City Guide (my favorite local guide to Prague, which looks at things from ‘green’ perspective. It has a paperback as well as an eBook version – highly recommended!)
  • Prague Superguide (a more ‘conventional’ guide vs Green City Guide – best among its peers, and only in paperback.)

About the author of Prague Indie City Guide

Onur Ozman is  living in Czech Republic for over 5 years now, and he feels rather like a Czech now. And he hates to referring to himself in 3rd person, so please check here to learn more about him 🙂


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