Prague Indie City Guide – Cafes

Prague Indie City Guide Cafés

Here you can find the best of Prague cafes, which we can easily call it as being super-rich in its cafe selection.Our criteria is the coffee quality, atmosphere, coziness, food offer, and most importantly, “instagrammability” – no we are kidding – maybe 🙂

We are listing down our recommendations below, in the order of how amazing their flat white is. (And yes, we promise we will be careful on stepping over the boundaries of being pretentious by not dropping any more coffee type names here 🙂 .)

You can check this Google Map link to find out all the cool cafes we have for you on the map.


Our favorites

  • CAFE JEN – small/cute cafe in Vrsovice district, popular for its breakfast.
  • YE’S – coffee shop in Letna known for its super-tasty coffee and minimalist interior.
  • CAFE LETKA – cozy cafe with an interesting interior design very close to Letna Park.
  • CAFE NEUSTADT – located in a very cool courtyard in New Town. functions as a bar as well for an evening plan.
  • BISTRO 8 – ever-changing home-made food selection in very hip Veverkova street.


Other good cafes highlighted by:

* Breakfast and good food selection
  • MEZI SRNKY – small cafe in Vinohrady with healthy food and very interesting interior diesgn.
  • THE FARM – bistro in Letna with very rich & tasty food menu. also offers dinner.
  • MAMACOFFEE – with branches in many parts of Prague, it offers very good coffee and everything else a cafe can offer 🙂
  • MONOLOK – highlighted by its tasty desserts.
* High quality coffee
  • KAVARNA PRAZIRNA – hard-to-find-an-open-spot cafe in I.P.Pavlova, proving it maybe having the best coffee in Prague 🙂
  • COFFEE ROOM. – minimalist design, very good coffee (especially cold brew), and very friendly staff.
  • MUJ SALEK KAVY – artisanal coffee combined with a very good menu, and hipster touch in Karlin.
  • MISTO – from same owners as Muj Salek Kavy, located in Bubenec.
  • EMA ESPRESSO BAR – they focus on incredible coffee and that’s it.
  • KOFARNA – good (maybe the best) option on west side of the river near the center.
* Nice atmosphere
  • MOMENT – vegetarian cafe with amazing food and easy-going people.
  • KAVARNA POD LIPAMI – located in Letna with a beautiful terrace.
  • STUDIO ALTA – multi-functional space located in a warehouse type building, including exhibitions, live performances, and a cozy cafe.
  • KAVARNA CO HLEDA JMENO – converted from an old industrial building in Andel, offering a very nice garden and lots of hipster photo opportunities.
  • VNITROBLOCK – with same owners as Kavarna Co Hleda Jmeno, located in Holesovice. (We love these two places, but they are getting too well-known, which is slightly against the spirit of this guide. 🙂 )
  • MOMOICHI – Far-eastern design cafe with foodand a very rich coffee/tea menu + quite a scene during tea preparation!
* Tea
  • LA BOHEME CAFE – high-ceiling elegant cafe with very rich tea selection.
  • TEA MOUNTAIN – more running as a tea supplier to other businesses, they have a small and cozy cafe with virtually unlimited tea selection.
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