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VZP insurance company is one of the biggest Czech health insurance companies. It has a long history, many options as basic, … and more. To purchase your PVZP insurance or from other Czech companies as Maxima or Uniqa, contact us via : info@livingin.cz , +420736177368

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VZP insurance company offers three health insurance options in Czechia. Basic insurance, comprehensive insurance and exclusive comprehensive health insurance. Click on the type of insurance — to be directed to related page including online form. 

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Foreigners’ Basic Medical Insurance (ZZPC)

  • Suitable for students and tourists, staying less than 90 days in Czechia.
  • This insurance can be arranged from 1 single day to 36 months.

Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plus (KZPC PLUS)

  • Suitable for professional workers, students and pregnant women etc.
  • Recommended (or must for some countries) for more than 90 days in Czechia.
  • Medical insurance can be arranged from 4 months to 60 months

Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance EXCLUSIVE (KZPC EXCLUSIVE)

  • Suitable for professional workers, professional sportsman, pregnant women or new mothers and seniors.
  • For people who give premium high comprehensive guarantee
  • Recommended (or must for some countries) for more than 90 days in Czechia.

Besides VZP company, you can purchase your health insurance from Maxima and Uniqa companies online:

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