Uniqa Insurance for Foreigners – FAQ

Uniqa Insurance FAQ

1. Why do I need health insurance for foreigners?

  • Health insurance for foreigners is necessary for obtaining visa and residence requirements for living in the Czech Republic. The health insurance options include cover for comprehensive or necessary health care.


2. What is the difference between the travel and health insurance?

  • Health insurance for foreigner is determined for foreigners which travel to the Czech Republic. Travel insurance is determined for travel abroad from Czech Republic.


3. What are health insurance types/options?

  • You can choose between Comprehensive insurance for foreigners or as Foreigners’ Necessary and Urgent Healthcare Insurance. Make sure your selected insurance type matches the immigration offices’ requirements. If not sure, select the comprehensive health care insurance, which generally suffices.

Uniqa Insurance FAQ


4. Why should I choose UNIQA?

  • UNIQA insurance company is the biggest private insurance company in the Czech Republic offering travel and health insurance to foreigners. You receive nonstop assistance, care, and top quality products.

Uniqa Insurance


5. Is this insurance valid in whole EU/Schengen?

  • Yes, it can be. You may choose to be covered only in the Czech Republic, or also the Schengen zone as well. In the Schengen zone, the Foreigners’ Necessary and Urgent Healthcare insurance is always valid.


6. How can I purchase health insurance for foreigners?

  • Online through website here or at a UNIQA branch (for payment in cash).


7. How do I need to have the health insurance and hold relevant documentation?

  • For the duration of your stay in the Czech Republic (or until are covered by public insurance).


8. Can I purchase my insurance online?

  • Yes, via our website here.

Uniqa Insurance FAQ Online Form

9. How many days is the minimum I can to purchase?

  • Basic = min.1 month
  • Komplex, Komplex extra and Komplex+ = min. 3 month
  • Komplex2 = min. 12 month


10. How can I extend my insurance?


11. How much does it cost?

  • Each policy will depend on the individual (age / length stay etc.). Find the best price here.


12. Is there any discount for students/interns?

  • Yes, we offer pricing benefits to students.


13. When do I need to pay for my health insurance?

  • Payment must be made when concluding the contract.


14. Can I pay via credit / debit card?

  • Yes, when you purchase your insurance online.


15. Can I pay by Paypal?

  • Yes, it is possible when purchasing online.


16. Can I pay monthly / yearly?

  • No, payment for each policy must be made in one payment at the time the policy is arranged.


17. Do you also provide liability insurance with the health insurance?

  • Yes, it is possible to also purchase liability insurance with your insurance for foreigners.


18. Is there any discount when I buy for long-term?

  • We offer our best prices for every type of contract, as such it is not necessary to buy long term to receive the best price.


19. What is covered / which services are included under the insurance policy?

  • COMPLEX – Includes emergency and rescue services, transportation to the hospital, diagnosis and treatment, and necessary and urgent health procedures. You can select a sum for insurance cover of up to 75 000 EUR for each insured event.
  • BASIC – Includes emergency and rescue services, transportation to medical facilities, diagnosis and medical treatment as well as urgent and necessary medical services. You can select a sum for insurance cover of up to 60 000 EUR for one insured event.


20. Is there any limit for illness?

  • For each insured event, the maximum amount is 75 000 EUR.


21. What to do when I need to visit a doctor?

  • Contact our assistance service CORIS (261 222 444, coris@coris.cz).


22. Which hospitals can I go?


23. Which documents do I have to take with me when I go to doctor?

  • You will need some form of acceptable identification (e.g. passport) and a copy of your assistance card with the policy number.


24. What should I first do when I become ill?

  • Just contact CORIS and they will be happy to help you.

25. Can I use ambulance?

  • Of course, if it is necessary you can use ambulance.


26. Can I go to dentist for a regular check (and/or other regular medical checks?)

  • The Comprehensive care policy includes some regular checks. The number of checks can be different for each policy, you have the option of can choosing what you need.


27. Which documents do you need for recovering payments back it to me?

  • An insurance claim report, and the relevant medical reports (contact CORIS assistance service)


28. Is my health insurance also covering medicine from the pharmacy?

  • Of course, if doctor prescribes medicine, the insurance will cover it.


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